Your Beauty, Your Way

Beauty: it's an arbitrary term.

While many beautiful things are widely agreed upon, such as an extraordinary sunset, not everyone has the same definition of beauty, and nor does everyone have the same method of expressing their individual beauty.

There are a billion different ways people can express their beauty, whether it is beauty of the spirit, the body, or of the mind.

Some people may choose to express their spiritual beauty. They can easily do this in the form of a daily meditation; perhaps it is a meditation of mindfulness, and their beauty is expressed in the form of love and patience for whomever they encounter that day. Or it can even be expressed in the way they walk and carry themselves, in the way they smile at little things during their walk to work, or how they hold the door open and greet complete strangers.

Others may chose to express their beauty through a more physical realm, like by wearing nice clothes to accentuate their body, wearing make up to bring out their facial features, or even boost what they already have with some beauty enhancement products. In the same realm, others might choose to demonstrate their physical beauty by going all natural and letting the sun shine happily on their beautiful imperfections.

Beauty of the mind can be expressed in many ways, one of which is often done through art. An artist is demonstrating the beauty that's in their mind by introducing it to the physical world, and this can be in the form of anything from a painting, to a sculpture, to a poem, or even a doodle in the margin of their notes during a business meeting. Or perhaps their mind is a rhythmic one, and they choose to share their beauty with the world through music: they create a beautiful piece and play it for others as a masterpiece of the beauty that is hiding within them.

Whichever  unique way you wish to express your own, unique personal beauty, it is the most perfect way to do so; when sharing beauty with the world, there isn't a wrong way.